Update: I was so excited and honored to see that my Woodland Frog Mushroom Granny Squares placed 6th place in the Spoonflower Design Challenge: Granny Squares.😮 It's a bit surreal seeing my fabric design displayed on the Spoonflower home page!
This week's design challenge on Spoonflower is Granny Squares. I'm a long-time crocheter and knitter, so I was happy to see a yarn-inspired challenge. I've always loved how granny square blankets look so cozy, but I've never had the patience to actually finish one. I usually stick to amigurumi, coffee warmers, and other little projects. I enjoy making up my own patterns for things, rather than following something someone else has made. It's fun to think through the mathematics of the crochet stitches and planning out a pattern, then seeing it finished Once I even used algebra to get a pattern balanced out right. I never thought I would use algebra after college! Here are a few of my crochet projects I've done over the years.
Here is a close up of the painted texture of the stitches. It was interesting to figure out how to draw crochet stitches instead of just crocheting them. I used a combination of watercolors, wash, and pastels in Photoshop to achieve the fluffy, cozy look of real crochet. For the most part, the crochet stitches are realistic, but I did fudge the pattern here and there to get the desired look. ;)
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