Two of my favorite vintage things to collect is anything with a Scandinavian print on it and groovy 60s-70s mugs that have groovy feet. Usually, I can spot a vintage mug tucked in the masses at Goodwill, but Scandinavian print anything is difficult to come by in my region of America, so it's always a joy when I find something in an estate sale, thrift store, or antique store. One of my favorite finds is a Scandinavian tea towel that was tucked in a basket of linens in the basement of an estate sale and cost under $5
I decided that I wanted to design my pattern so that it would fit nicely on a tea towel but also could work equally as well as a fabric. In researching mid-century modern Scandinavian designs, I settled on doing stripes of different things inspired by the spirit of Fika, a Swedish Coffee Break, including various pastries, hearts, a variety of mugs, and coffee beans along with some fat, bold florals. I wanted my main focus to be a scene of frogs enjoying their Fika together on a mushroom bistro set with some detailed dishes and coffeepot.
After I had my design down pat, I roughed up the colors with a chalk brush in white to give it a vintage, woodblock look.
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