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How to Ask for a Critique
It can be difficult knowing exactly what to write when asking for a critique. Here's a quick rundown of how to do it.
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Design Inspiration:
I'm a child of the 90s, so for this week's design challenge hosted by, I decided to go retro and create a 90s/00s-inspired design. One thing I wanted to do with my design for this week was incorporate the calendar aspect somehow into the design, without it just looking like an afterthought. The best typography is when it goes unnoticed and meshes with the overall design.
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Why You Should Write Creative Briefs for Yourself
Working as a freelance illustrator, it’s often difficult to keep on task, especially if you are used to working for someone else or come specifically from an agency background.
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How to Download Spoonflower Mockups
An awesome benefit to selling on is that they provide a wide variety of high-quality mockups displaying your fabric designs for you to use to promote your fabric and your Spoonflower shop. The only problem is that you can't simply right click and save the images to your desktop.
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