An awesome benefit to selling on is that they provide a wide variety of high-quality mockups displaying your fabric designs for you to use to promote your fabric and your Spoonflower shop. The only problem is that you can't simply right click and save the images to your desktop. But you can download these images while using Google Chrome to share on social media, your website, blog or wherever if you follow these easy steps.
Step One: Right click somewhere on the page
Choose a white area where there is no text or images and right click.
Step Two: Click Inspect
Inspect should be the last listing in the menu of options that pops up when you right click on the page.
Step Three: Element menu will pop up
A menu should pop up either on the bottom or the side of your page. This is the Elements Menu where you can see the behind-the-scenes code that makes the page work.
Step Four: Click on Application
Find "Application" in the menu items listed at the top of the Elements Menu. This will display all the images, stylesheets, fonts, etc. that are included on the page.
Step Five: Uncollapse "Images" in the left-hand menu
There will be a listing for "Images" that you can uncollapse to see all the images that are being used on the page. From here you can click on each image to see a preview in the right-hand area. You can also select one image and use your arrow keys to shuffle through the images listed in the menu.
Step Six: Right click on image title
You can right click on the image titles in the left-hand menu and select "save as" or double click the image title to bring the image up by itself in a new tab where you can right click and save to your desktop.

Hopefully these simple steps help you as you market and advertise your Spoonflower shop!
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