When I was a teenager, I toured Lyndhurst Mansion near Sleepy Hallow, NY and saw the beautiful Star Bedroom (view here), which has a deep blue ceiling with a metallic star print and gold architectural cross sections. I've always wanted to sleep under a ceiling like that. So for the Victorian Floral design challenge on Spoonflower.com, I was inspired to create a starlight garden with stars and flowering vines in the Victorian Aesthetic Movement (1860-1900) reminiscent of the beautiful wallpapers designed by the Herter Brothers. The interior design of my house growing up was very Victorian-esque, so I've always envision striped florals, like the ones on our wallpaper, when thinking of Victorian textiles and wallpaper.
I enjoyed working out how all the little details fit together like a puzzle. I also wanted to create this pattern design as a vector image, since I've been focusing on pixel-based artwork in Photoshop. The blue flowers are Sweet William (dianthus barbatus), and the purple and blue flowers are a double Clematis. I liked how the Sweet Williams mirrors the spiky star shape.
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