Tiny Cat Café is a personal project of a fictional cat café branded with an emphasis on cute, hand-drawn illustrations, invoking a sense of both welcome and whimsy. The space aims to provide peace and relaxation in the midst of a busy, career-driven world where anyone can while away an hour (or more than a few!) in the company of our professional cat employees who are expurrts in helping you furrget the worries of today's fast-paced life.

The cozy café offers a wide variety of pastries and cakes baked the old-fashioned way and hand-crafted, cat-themed drinks to be enjoyed in the dining area. Enter the Cat Parlor to hang out with, play with, & snuggle, our friendly cats. The Cat Parlor is also a purrfect place to bring a book (or choose one from our library) to curl up with a cat on your lap on one of our comfy couches or chairs. We provide everything you need to have a peaceful stay (including a lint brush on your way out).​​​​​​​
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